Lucia McIlMunn

Contemporary Abstract Art To Enhance
Your Space

Contemporary Art

Are you an art lover seeking unique contemporary art to enhance your work or living space?

 I invite you to explore my collection.

My name is Lucia, I am an Irish artist living and working in Northern Ireland. My passion is creating fine art to enhance peoples lives.

I am drawn to explore themes of a deeply personal nature with my main inspiration coming from the tradition of painting from the life model.  

Captivated by an emotional response to the human form, I have come to view my work as a physically expressive act.

Based In Belfast

 Drawing on lived experience, my more recent work has developed by exploring the unassuming life of the single female living in the desert countries of the Middle East.  

Having  recently returned from Doha, Qatar where I enjoyed living in a rich tapestry of Arabic Culture and landscape.  

Taking inspiration from the “universal expat” woman, I examine themes around isolation, the fragility of friendships and how one is impacted by the environment.