Lucia McIlMunn


Lucia is an Irish artist living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland and she has been making art in some shape or form since early childhood.  Always questioning traditional fine art methods she takes a more experimental approach to drawing and painting saying that her work is about the process and the experience.   

Life has taken her to various parts of the world starting in the 80s when she  moved to Canada.  During that time she graduated in Experimental Art from the Ontario College of Art & Design.  More recently, she spent 3 years working in the Middle East where she became immersed in  the rich tapestry of Arabic life and culture.

Figurative themes

Captivated by an emotional response to the human form, Lucia views her work as a physically expressive act creating what are often described as “figurative landscapes”.  Striving to capture the essence of the pose she uses gestural mark making and an intuitive colour pallet on paper.    

This collection of truly honest paintings portray strong independent women who challenge and confront the viewer.


Roses, landscapes and human form.


Reminiscent of her early background in textile design, she combines dynamic shapes and colours with text ‘scribbling and scratching’ to produce unique compositions. It’s thought that the various colours of roses can symbolise spiritual meanings. Whilst red roses can signify passion and sacrifice, white can express hope for the future and a new beginning.