Lucia McIlMunn

Choosing art for your home

How do I choose art for my home or work space?  

Whether you’re looking for art to enhance your home or workspace the same rules apply when making your choice.  Apart from the all too important budget I think there are 3 things to consider before making a purchase.   They are colour, size and scale and style. 

 It is perfectly natural to colour match and we’ve all done it when we think that the colours in an artwork will “perfectly suit” the decor.  As an alternative it can be exciting to choose colours that are the opposite from what ‘s in the room as this can actually compliment the space.

Is bigger better?  Larger pieces can look great behind a sofa, over a fireplace or bed but creating a gallery wall by grouping smaller pieces together can also make a point of interest.  Smaller pieces can be considered as being more intimate and invite the viewer to come closer.  

Style can be a tough one and to the novice it can be the thing that he/she struggles with but the important thing is to go with what’s tugging at your heart.  At the minute I love mixing old with the new as I live in a listed building with Victorian details.  The most obvious of which is the fireplace which has inspired me to create my wall hangings.  Although the design motif is quite modern I think the natural linen helps to bring it all  together.

There are no right or wrong answers, so buy what speaks to you.  Original art is a perfect way to elevate your mood and add unique style to your space.    


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