Lucia McIlMunn

New Ideas!

Exciting news!  I am pleased to announce the launch of my new home range of contemporary textiles.  Introducing Desert Rose, this unique wall hanging is a great way to add original art to your home or work space. 

Inspired by the idea that flowers often help us recall precious memories these pieces are the result of a personal reflection on the passage of time.  Taken from my original artwork, I have designed this textile range to create a more relaxed look and feel on the wall.  Beautiful un-stretched Irish linen is the perfect fabric of choice for my expressive imagery capturing the organic petal shapes outlined in soft graphite.  Twice the original size, this wall hanging creates a bold impact and yet the brush strokes and the fragility of the graphite marks are still retained in this high quality print.  

These unique pieces are beautifully finished and ready to hang creating a desirable addition to any room, home or workspace.

More to follow.

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